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Puzzle Puzzles Mechanical Puzzle Classification - Jerry Slocum

Mechanical Puzzle Classification - Jerry Slocum

1. Put-Together Puzzles

- Putting the object together is the puzzle.

1.1 Two Dimensional assembly
(Tangrams, jigsaw, pentominoes, etc.)

1.2 Three Dimensional assembly
- Non-Interlocking
(Soma, box packing, pentacubes, etc.)

1.3 Miscellaneous put-together
-(Instant Insanity, magic squares, puzzle rings, etc.)

1.4 Matchstick puzzles

2. Take-Apart Puzzles

- Taking the object apart or open is the puzzle.

2.1 Trick or secret opening
(Japanese trick boxes, puzzle boxes, etc.)

2.2 Secret Compartment
(Slopes, coins, Finding & opening the secret compartment, Kamei etc.)

2.3 Trick locks & keys
(Open the trick lock with hidden keyhole)

2.4 Trick matchboxes
(Open the trick matchbox/matchsafe, etc)

2.5 Trick knives
(Open or close blade of the trick knife, etc.)

3. Interlocking Solid Puzzles

- Disassembly & assembly to solve puzzle.

3.1 Figural
(Animals, people, objects, vehicles, etc.)

3.2 Geometric objects
(Cube, sphere, etc.)

3.3 Three Dimensional jigsaw
(Egg, furniture, sphere, block, animal)

3.4 Burrs
(6 Piece Cross Burr, Altekruse burr, etc.)

3.5 Keychain
(People, animals, vehicles made of plastic with keychain, etc.)

3.6 Miscellaneous interlocking solid puzzles

4. Disentanglement Puzzles

- Disentangle & re-entangle to solve puzzle

4.1 Cast Iron & sheet metal
(Cast iron ABC, 3 Snakes, Bootlegger & his flask, etc.)

4.2 Wire
(Chinese rings, 3 horseshoes, folding cross, etc.)

4.3 String
(Bar & 2 rings, buttonhole, Cherry cheat made of leather, etc.)

4.4 Miscellaneous disentanglement puzzles

5. Sequential Movement Puzzles

- Moving parts of puzzle to a goal is the puzzle.

5.1 Solitaire
(Remove pegs, counters, marbles by jumping.)

5.2 Counter
(Rearrange counters, pegs, etc. by jumping)

5.3 Sliding piece
(2D & 3D, Dad's puzzle, 13-15-14, etc. with empty space)

5.4 Rotating cube
(Rubik's cube, pyraminx, etc. with no empty spaces)

5.5 Maze & route
(16/1 maze, Oskar's Cube, Pike's Peak, etc.)

5.6 Miscellaneous sequential movement puzzles
(Tower of Hanoi, etc.)

5.7 Maze and Labyrinths for People

6. Dexterity Puzzles

- Manual dexterity appears primary to solve puzzle.

6.1 Throw & catch
(Cup & Ball, Bilboquet, etc.)

6.2 Rolling ball
(R. Journet, Glass top dexterity, etc.)

6.3 Maze dexterity
(Flat, cube, cylinder dexterity maze with 1 or more balls, etc.)

6.4 Miscellaneous dexterity puzzles

7. Puzzle Vessels

- Drinking without spilling, or filling a vessel is the puzzle.

(Puzzle jugs & mugs, Cadogan teapots, Chinese wine pots, etc.)

8. Vanish Puzzles

- The Puzzle is to explain a vanished or changed image.

(Loyd’s Get Off the Earth, Vanishing Leprechauns, etc.)

9. Folding Puzzles

- The puzzle is to fold a paper or hinged object to form a specified pattern. (2D & 3D)

(Flexagons, Fifth Pig Puzzle, etc.)

10. Impossible objects

- The puzzle is to explain how an object was made or why it behaves in a seemingly impossible way.

(Arrow through Coke bottle, Harry Eng's Bottles, celt, etc.)

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